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Infertility in men is one of the most common problems that couple face in the world. In fact, research suggests that nearly one out of twenty men face this problem of being infertile or having low sperm cells in an ejaculation. As the problem has been common for some time it is no surprise to find out that a lack of healthy diet and nutrients is one of the common factors. However, there are certain ways through which you can increase your sperm count:

Like always, exercising is the number one method through which you can increase your sperm count. Exercising regularly increase testosterone levels which in turns increasing the sperm count. This directly proportional to the fact that exercising or to be more specific, lifting weights will increase your muscle mass and reduce your weight. A reduction in weight will increase your sperm count.

Zinc Intake:
Zinc is a mineral which can single handedly increase male fertility. Research indicates that low zinc in a male body leads towards a bad quality sperm and low count of it. ZInc can easily be consumed through intake of food such as fish, eggs and shellfish. It is also found in various animal meat.

Limit Alcohol:
Research suggest that consumption of alcohol can decrease sperm quality and testosterone levels. Although, it varies from person to person on how much it can actually decrease the sperm count. If you know that you’re a heavy alcohol consumer and are facing low testosterone levels then you should try limiting your alcohol intake.

Oxidative Stress:
Oxidative stress is a term that means stress that is induced in a body through a lack of healthy diet and environmental pollution. Oxidative stress typically occurs when the levels of reactive oxygen species reach an alarming rate in the body that its self-defense mechanism goes down. Once these levels are down, chances are that it will affect male fertility and sperm count. The best way to tackle is through adopting a healthy life and exercising.

Cooling your Testicles:
This might sound absurd but can actually make a huge difference in terms of increasing the sperm count. By cooling your testicles we mean that you can ice your testicles. Icing down testicles one a day has shown to improve cell counts within month which is pretty great. This method can be used as an add on to a healthy diet and the above four factors.

A low male sperm count is one of the most common problems that a man can face. And while it is true that it can be very hard to increase sperm count but there’s always a chance that it can get improved. Just follow the above highlighted methods and chances are you will witness a difference.