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The first thing you think of when sex is mentioned is pleasure. This is not surprising but you should note that pleasure is not the only good thing that comes from having intercourse. Regular intercourse between adults is good for your health and mind. Making love helps your body to get rid of excess calories, cope with stress and sleep better. Below is a detailed look at how regular sex affects your body and mind.

Reasons to have sex frequently for adults.

Improves cardiovascular health

A recent study by the National Institute of Health found that males who have sex regularly (average of two times a week) are less likely to suffer from heart attacks. The study compared males who fit the average parameter and those men who have sex less than once a month.

Regular sex boosts the immune system

It is an open fact that sexually active people rarely get sick. This is because having sex on a regular basis helps the body make increased levels of antibodies such as immunoglobulin A. the presence of these antibodies makes it easy for the body to fight and resist common diseases such as the flu. These antibodies also help the body defend itself from viruses, germs, and other disease-causing agents. Medical practitioners also published a report that said older men who ejaculated regularly were less likely to get prostate cancer.

Reduces stress

People dealing with work and family-related problems are advised to have sex regularly. This is because sexual intercourse improves your mood and put you in a better state to handle stress. If stressed, have more sex and live a happier life.

Regular sex helps one to cope with pain

Regular sex helps the body cope with pain. This is because when people have sex, it is inevitable that you will orgasm. Before you orgasm, the body produces high levels of the hormone oxytocin. It is an endorphin that helps the body cope with pains and aches.

Increases blood circulation

When adults engage in sexual activities, their heart rate increases. This helps you maintain a healthy body as fresh blood is circulated to all the organs and tissues. This also helps the body get rid of harmful toxins and bacteria that might make you sick or make you feel tired.

You sleep better

As sex is a physically demanding activity, you will be both tired and relaxed after its done. This will make you sleep better.

Improves overall fitness

For those that hate the gym, salvation has arrived. Sex can help you shed off the extra weight. Have sex regularly and watch the extra fat disappear. According to Google, you can lose close to a hundred calories by having sex.

Increases levels of Oestrogen and testosterone

When it comes to sex, the hormone testosterone is what drives the sexual drive in men. This is what determines whether the male partner will be passionate or placid when you are having sex. This hormone is also responsible for regulating cholesterol levels. In females, the hormone oestrogen reduces the chances of heart disease.