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Many men at some stage in their lives go through the dilemma of sexual boredom. Meaning, that sex doesn't feel like the way it felt when they were young. It is normal to go through such a phase as there is a possibility that you’re not just interested in sex. This problem can occur due to a wide range of factors. However, one must understand the fact these factors are easy to overcome. Many people believe that boredom is just a name that we give when we talk about a loss of interest in sex. In reality, it is quite true as when a person is not comfortable with the partner, then sex wouldn’t really be the first thing in their mind. So, let's take this as a basis and move on from here.

The two poeple aren’t on the same page:
This point is quite important as there can be chances that the two individuals are just not on the same page. This basically means that people are genuinely disinterested in each other. Maybe one of them is having an affair or maybe one is preoccupied within his or her own life. It is essential that the two persons are on the same page when it comes to having sex. Sex is an act that needs to be spontaneous and within the moment. It is something that shouldn't really be planned.

Sex isn’t a Priority anymore:
This is a phase that many couples go through. With the passage of time, sex becomes an act that is barely initiated by the two individuals. This again can be due to a variety of reasons. Maybe the couple is more involved in things such as their jobs.

We live in a world which is highly volatile. In order to survive in this world we have to hustle 24/7. This can often be a reason for continued phases of depression and stress. This can in turn even make you anxious. These factors are important because they actually do lead towards a low sex drive and hence a loss of interest in sex generally. It is widely accepted that a person who takes medication for anxiety faces erectile dysfunction.

Spice it Up:
Sometimes things can be monogamous and spicing it up can save your sex life. Roleplay and trying out new things can certainly boost up your libido. Always try to be open towards ideas and trying out new things which can spice it up in the bed.

The truth is that sex can never lead towards boredom. Unless you really want it to be boring. Sex is a part of our lives which is very important and if it ever seems like that it's boring then make sure that you’re taking care of the above mentioned things.