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In our last article, we gave you a brief run down on testosterone replacement therapy.  We broke down what it is, what it was originally used for, and why it’s become popular amongst men.

In this post, we’re going to go into a little more detail.  We’ll break down the pros and cons of TRT so you can make an informed decision about whether or not the treatment is right for you.

The Pro’s Of TRT

We touched on this a bit in the previous article, but there is absolutely no question that there are A LOT of benefits to going on testosterone replacement therapy.

The first one should be fairly obvious to anyone who works out – more muscle.  Testosterone is one of the primary hormones involved in the muscle building process.  TRT will not only make it easier to build muscle, but it will also make it easier to recover from your workouts, allowing you to train longer, harder, and more often.

It will also make it easier to be both incredibly lean AND incredibly muscular.  One of things you’ll notice as you start getting leaner and leaner is that it’s a lot harder to maintain your muscle mass, leaving a lot of guys to choose between the two.

TRT allows you to bypass the process, and get absolutely shredded without giving up any potential muscle gains (it’s also great for lowering your cholesterol levels).

But it’s not just the gym.  As your testosterone levels start to decline as a result of the natural aging process, you’ll notice that your energy, sex drive and sleep starts to take a dip.  Most of this can be recovered with TRT.

The Downsides Of TRT

By far the biggest downside of TRT is the fact that, as a new therapy, we simply don’t now enough about it.  While something like Praltrix is indeed perfectly safe, injecting exogenous testosterone into your body is quite a different matter.

This is especially true if you look at the long term.  Many researchers are concerned that, as patients age, many will deal with an increased risk of cardiovascular illness.  There’s also some concern over an increased risk in prostate cancer.

Should You Take The Plunge?

For men with severely low testosterone below the normal range, the benefits of going on TRT and restoring a lot of their normal function may very well be worth the risk.

For the majority of men who do have testosterone in the normal range and just want to get the added benefits, however, evaluating the pros and cons can be a lot more tricky.

Ultimately it’s your call.  If you’re feeling brave, or you’re simply someone who likes taking the chance of being an “early adopter”, then go for it.

Just be prepared to deal with the consequences.  And whatever you do, make sure that if you DO go for it, you do so under the supervision of a qualified endocrinologist.